2009. május 12., kedd

Vár II.

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  1. I love the cannon photo - serious and gloomy.

    Thank you for following me over on the senses blog. I have some tablet I am mailing out to the first 10 followers. I know you live in Edinburgh and can buy tablet whenever you like, but if you would like to try some, please email me your address and I shall send you some out. My little thank you!

  2. Hello Bonca,
    Now it's my turn to say hello.I love the photos from the castle and the cannon. Edinburgh it's absolutly beautiful. Hope to see more photos. We'll keep in touch. Bye TI

  3. That is a beautiful banner!
    Thanks for dropping by, and for the bird's eye view of the castle!

  4. Ah-ha! Now I understand. Since you are not in Edinburgh anymore, then you must want some tablet! If you email me your address I am happy to send a bar. I even bought little envelopes!

  5. My email address for your bar of tablet:

    I hope to do all the mailing on Saturday:)